English and Maths to GCSE level


National Curriculum: KS1, KS2, KS3, Primary, SATS


11+, 13+ and Secondary School Preparation

PLM Extra Tuition Background

PLM Extra Tuition (PLMET) offers supplementary education to children ages 4 - 16 years. The Director, Petal Miller has for some time been concerned about the quality of infant, primary and secondary education offered to children. A number of children have been ‘failing’ in mainstream schools. The primary objective of PLMET is to raise the educational standards, self development and achievement of our children, whilst at the same time working with the National Curriculum in the UK.

Our tutoring goes way beyond the curriculum – but don’t take our word for it!

Celebrating Saturday School
“ Upon hearing about the 25th Anniversary of Saturday School, it was only fitting”
Determination to Achieve
“ Petal Miller, who I have always affectionately referred to as Aunty Petal (as a mark of respect), is a professional,”
Undivided Attention
“I was told about Petal from my driving instructor as I was talking to him about how”
A Remarkable Tutor
“ Petal L. Miller affectionately known as ‘Auntie Petal’, taught me from the ages of 4-12 years”
Highly Recommend
“ Twelve years ago we were introduced to Petal Miller by a family”
Excelling in Maths and English
“ I met Auntie Petal because I was struggling with my Maths and English. Auntie Petal helped me by teaching”

25 Years of Success

The Secret of our Success PLM Extra Tuition students have gone on to top tier universities! Research on past students […]