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PETAL L. MILLER – MA (HRM), BA (Hons), PG Dip PM, Chartered MCIPD


Petal L. Miller is the Director of PLM Extra Tuition (PLMET). She is an independent trainer, facilitator and consultant with extensive skills, knowledge and experience in the people management and development field, covering a variety of organisations within the public, private and voluntary sectors. She has an honours degree as well as a Masters degree in Human Resource Management, specialising in Human Resource Development. Petal is a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (MCIPD). A professional trainer and consultant with a reputation for refreshing, thought provoking, informative and enthusiastic delivery. She specialises in re-igniting the passion in individuals and businesses. She brings life to the workplace! Delegates have fed back that she makes routine and boring subjects interesting and fun!

Petal trained as a teacher in Jamaica and taught in secondary schools for a number of years. For the past twenty five years, Petal has been actively involved in supplementary education. As an accomplished teacher, she unearths, harnesses and develops the academic ability of children where the focus is on quality time spent with each child, in a relaxed result driven environment and developing positive role models for our children.

Her philosophy in life is ‘To bring a certain positivity to what she does and to the people and children in her life’. She also firmly believes that our children can achieve anything they want to in life, as long as they are committed to it. She hopes that the children enjoy the process as much as their results!

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