PLM Extra Tuition (PLMET) offers supplementary education to children ages 4 – 16 years. The Director, Petal Miller has for some time been concerned about the quality of infant, primary and secondary education offered to children. A number of children have been ‘failing’ in mainstream schools. The primary objective of PLMET is to raise the educational standards, self development and achievement of our children, whilst at the same time working with the National Curriculum in the UK.

The aims of PLM Extra Tuition (PLMET) are:

  • Creating a learning environment
  • Unearthing and developing the academic ability of our children – the focus is on quality time spent with each child, in a relaxed result driven environment
  • Inspiring, nurturing, shaping and challenging young minds – future leaders
  • Harnessing the personal development of children
  • Bringing out the best in our children
  • Developing positive role models for our children
  • Improving and accelerating classroom and examination performance
  • Assisting and supporting in the learning and development of children
  • Building and enhancing self confidence, worth, belief and esteem in themselves
  • Improving children’s motivation and attitudes towards learning and education
  • Developing independent thinkers and learners
  • Any child can be whatever they want to be in life, as long as they are determined to succeed and excel
  • Challenging the status quo and overcoming barriers to success
  • Competition is healthy and learning should be fun
  • Encouraging the older children, ages 14 – 16 years to appreciate the value of education, to continue with their education beyond 16 years and achieve their dreams!


PLMET offers one to one tuition to children from early years to the G.C.S.E level. Lessons are also available to children experiencing difficulty with learning as well as those needing enrichment and extension. The classes are held on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and on Saturdays during school term and there is ‘Summer School’ during the holidays (this was at the request of parents). English Language and Mathematics are the specialist subjects that are offered to children. This includes reading, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, foundations of Maths, timestables, problem solving, fractions, decimals, metric system, areas, perimeters, volumes, shapes, algebra, equations, and angles. Parents are offered two (2) hourly sessions. During the half term and summer holidays, we offer day sessions and multiple days

An assessment is necessary before any lessons are offered at PLMET. Tests are used to identify strengths, weaknesses and to determine the child’s level of work and development needs. The assessment also helps to pinpoint the development areas that will need to be addressed during subsequent sessions. Parents are also offered additional coaching and teaching sessions to prepare their children for the 11+ and 13+ selection tests for secondary school.

All of the children who attend lessons are referred through recommendations from family, friends and teachers. Children attend the lessons for a variety of reasons, these include; some children have specific learning needs, while others have missed being at school. Some children want to do well in school. For many parents, they simply want to help their child to do better at their school work and have a better standard of education than the parents they received or have. At the end of each session, children are set homework and parents are given verbal feedback (this can be quite extensive).

Our values also include:

  • Be the best in whatever you want to be or do
  • Self discipline has to be taught from an early age – messy and untidy work is unacceptable
  • Presentation of your work is key
  • The best way to learn is to learn from your mistakes and experiences
  • Homework is a further extension of lessons and must be completed

The aim is to encourage the older children, ages 14 -16 years to appreciate the value of education and to continue with their education beyond 16 years. Our young people need to be taught what is needed to be an overall achiever and prepare them for a life outside their immediate surroundings. With so many outside influences, as educators we need to be more creative in how our children are taught. We need to be very supportive and constantly motivate and encourage our children. We need to find innovate ways of dealing with difficult or challenging issues when they arise.



PLMET encourages a family atmosphere and the need for active parental involvement. If children are to achieve their full potential in life, it is essential that parents, carers and the community at large involve themselves wholeheartedly in every aspect of their education and development. PLMET firmly believes that parents are the primary role models and the first educators of their children. All parents want their children to aspire and achieve. It is imperative that parents prepare themselves and their children for success. If we want to see our children achieve, get the help they need and gain the most benefit from the education system, parents need to have greater involvement in their education and learning and do their part as parents.


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