A Remarkable Tutor

Petal L. Miller affectionately known as ‘Auntie Petal’, taught me from the ages of 4-12 years old and was a remarkable tutor. I believe the eight years of extra tuition I received made a great impact on my life. Firstly, this gave me a head start in primary school so by time I was in Year Seven I was at the top of my classes for all my subjects. I felt I managed to go through secondary school with ease as a lot of my work seemed as though I was just refreshing myself and putting my knowledge to practice, rather than trying to learn something that was out of my depth. This is evident in my GCSE results receiving an A*, four A’s, five B’s and a C grade from Ricards Lodge High School, and completing the A-levels Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at Graveney Sixth form.

Furthermore, I feel that going to Saturday School didn’t just teach me Maths and English, but skills I have required for succeeding in life. Auntie Petal emphasised the importance of presentation of work, focusing on the task in hand, actively listening and always looking at the bigger picture. Even as an employee for Auntie Petal as a part-time Admin Assistant from 16-18 years old, I still felt as though I was learning so much more than that of a general job. Auntie Petal has a very inspirational character and helped me become more independent, professional and use my initiative.

Currently, I have graduated from Birmingham City University with a First class honours degree and am joining the British Army as a Mental Health Nurse. I will forever be thankful for Auntie Petal’s help and support during my youth. As a young adult, Auntie Petal is still genuinely pleased to hear about my progress in life. Any young person will be very lucky to have Auntie Petal as a tutor, she has a great passion for what she does and believes in the young people she teaches.

Former Student

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