Celebrating Saturday School

Upon hearing about the 25th Anniversary of Saturday School, it was only fitting that I submit a testimonial on behalf of myself and my mother. My brother and I both attended Saturday School, as well as the Thursday evening classes in the lead up to our 11+ entrance exams. With the guidance and good tutoring we received, we both succeeded in our examinations and gained places at our respective independent schools. I believe that Saturday School gave us the confidence and work ethic needed to succeed and we carried those attributes forward into secondary school, sixth form, and are now both pursuing higher education at universities in the USA.

Aside from providing academic instruction, Ms. Miller – or as the children have always affectionately called her – Aunty Petal, was strict but caring in nature, always pushing us to fulfil our potential. We were also even made to feel at home in her home, being able to help ourselves to that snack of crackers and cheese when we were running low on brain fuel and needed a little break.

Where regular school did not challenge us, Saturday School did, which makes its value immeasurable.

Aunty Petal was one of the first people I wanted to tell of my list of UK and US University offers because it is in her house, on a Saturday afternoon, that I believe my academic excellence really began.

I want to extend my congratulations and humblest gratitude to Ms. Petal Miller, as the work she has been doing for the past 25 years is really the foundation. Many children, adolescents and adults have been positively impacted by their time spent at Saturday School so on behalf of us all – Thank You!

Former Student

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