Undivided Attention

I was told about Petal from my driving instructor as I was talking to him about how my 10 year old daughter was not learning in school. She was having a lot of problems in school for example: she was sent outside the classroom for being disruptive; told that she was talking in class; sent to the head teacher’s office for talking back to her classroom teacher and others.

Before my daughter started going to Petal, she did not know her times tables for a 10 year old child, her Maths, English and Writing ability were so bad it was unbelievable. Since starting Petal’s Saturday School, there has been great improvement in her Maths, English and Writing skills. Not only has my daughter improved greatly in these skills, but her behaviour in school has also got better! My daughter now has self confidence and belief in herself and her school work! I know half the battle has been won!

As a result of my daughter’s improvement, her younger brother also attends. Petal not only tutors my children, she also encourages them to do their best and try to achieve their highest potential. What I love about Petal as a tutor, is that she is strict with the standard of work that she wants from my children, I see this as a very important part of my children’s development.

She also gives them her undivided attention, time and treats them on an individual basis. For almost two years since my children started going to Petal there has been great improvement in their school work, especially my daughter as she was at a bad stage before she started. Therefore, I want to thank Petal for her time and dedication to educating my children to the best of their ability.


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